About club

Name of the Club HC Meteor Třemošná z.s.
Status Youth hockey team for children from 3 to 19 years old
Founded 2003
Club colours Blue and Gold
Headquarters Sport Aréna Třemošná
Plzeňská ulice 1080
33011, Třemošná
Identification No. 26649039
VAT Identification No. CZ26649039

There are about 200 children aged 3-19 in our club. For hockey at the highest youth level, we put emphasis on complex motion development, and therefore we also train off-ice gymnastics, coordinating movements and compensatory exercises. In summer, children also have other sports on the tartan playground at the stadium or in the Tartan Třemošná area. We work with the 31st primary school in Bolevec, which is attended by most of our children. We communicate with class teachers and together we strive for our children to have a successful education. Moreover, for the children and their parents, we organize educational seminars with the goal to lead children to personal development and a healthy lifestyle.

Hockey through our Eyes

For someone it's for the glory, for us it's the opportunity to prepare a child for adulthood. Hockey is a hard, but fair sport. It forces children to learn about self-sufficiency and to act in a collective. It teaches teamwork, celebrating victory, and suffering loss. Boys will make great friendships from hockey and have a lot of experiences they will fondly remember. While we strive for the best possible quality of training and upbringing for future professionals, it is still our greatest pleasure to see former players who hockey helped to develop their personal and professional lives.

Hockey Is Open to All in Třemošna

Hockey is a beautiful sport; unfortunately it ranks among the more financially and logistically demanding activities. We are aware of that in Třemošna and that's why we try to make it easier for parents and children. Here is a list of what we do for our children:

  • We offer the first two months of primary ice hockey for free, and with continuation the price is 500 Kč / month
  • We lend hockey equipment from the total start up to category 3rd class
  • Discounts for children of team leaders and for siblings. If a family has more than one child in the club, each following child has a 50% discount.
  • From the 3rd class the children have their own change room where they keep their things stored.
  • Club bus – if the child attends the 31st primary school, the bus transports them between the hockey rink and school club.
  • From the 5th class all categories are transported to the out-of-city matches by the club bus.
  • Every year we organize a secondhand hockey equipment sale where it’s possible to buy good quality equipment for a low price.




HC Meteor Třemošná
Plzeňská ulice, Třemošná 330 11
Tel.: 377 953 828
E-mail: m.dusek@hcmeteor.cz